“When a man invades a woman’s body space without her invitation, touches, grabs and gropes her without her consent, he violates her sovereignty of person. He evicts her from her own body. Our bodies are our first homes. If we are not safe in our bodies, we are always homeless.” - Shailja Patel


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Both of my tattoos remind me to be the kind of person I want to be… The best version of myself possible. Even when I’m an old woman I don’t want to lose the loving and peaceful nature of my youth.

She starts to leave and even though I don’t, I want to stop her, to know her, to trust her word, to ask if she worries about the weight of water, to ask if she’s ever drank a ghost, to ask if she’ll someday seek out the Pacific’s last palmful, to ask why she saved my life, to ask if she has ever carried the desiccated barely-living structure of someone she once loved, to ask if she weighed the options of giving water or giving a terminus for haunting, to ask if she heard that loved one’s bones creak like the gears of a bicycle left out in the rain.

– Joel Hans, “Ghosts in the Termini” (via fwriction)

i think we are quite lost in many ways.
we live in a society that invests huge amounts of money and vast [amounts] of energy ensuring that we all stay lost.

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“I’ve read that the Dalai Lama is very mindful of the importance of keeping a sensible pace so he can live in the spirit of love every day. One time a reporter asked him how he remains so calm, so grounded, and so loving when his life can be so stressful and demanding. He paused, gave the question…
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"I don’t wear makeup so I don’t have to waste like an hour in front of the mirror every morning hahahaha"


"open books not legs"


"why have tequila shots when you can have tea?"


"As always, late with Starbucks"


"modest is hottest"


"I’m not like those girls”


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Dare to love every person, including yourself. Become the energy of love.

Bryant H. McGill  (via sunflower-mama)